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60% Cut

Flemish Musical Solidair

Direction: Laurens van Landschoote & me
Sound recording: Reinhoud Maes
Lights: Leon Maldonado
Conductor: Sam Verhoeven
Piano: Pietro Ramman
Initiative by: Sofie De Schryver, Elke Buyle,
Jervin Weckx, Brent Pannier, Hélène Kamers,
Charlotte Suijs, Inge Teeuwen, Wout Sels,
Jozefien Grossen & Jens Sauviller

The flemish government put forward a proposition to cut 60% of project-based fundings in the cultural sector. Of course this will affect a lot of people in some way or an other. The initiative came from young musical actors and students to make a video that supports all that are affected by this measure and to call them to the streets for protest. The video was shared a lot on social media and later featured by ‘Het Journaal’, ‘Radio 2’, ‘De Morgen’, ‘VRT NWS’, ‘Radio 1’, ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ & ‘Newsmonkey’.


design & development Emiel Raeymaekers