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BANG! Festival

Illustrations and online promotion (video & images) for
Kultuurkaffee’s BANG! Festival #6

curated by Tina Herbots & Laurens Mariën
Design by Kultuurkaffee
Illustration & motion/montage by me

The 6’th edition of BANG! Festival by KultuurKaffee (now Pilar) was all about friendship. ‘Copain Copine’. They booked according to friendships between the artists that were performing so that a very special athmosfere could be created. Sometimes bringing old friends together first for a long time. They invited me for an extra visual touch on the poster, 2 golden hands touching as if it was a painting. Later I made some extra promotion for the festival by combining some morphed animations with the artists that were playing.


design & development Emiel Raeymaekers