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13 05 2017


Read about it in this interview with MOM’s mom Thomas Konings
Or to put it in the words of ‘the word’ (magazine):

“MIND OVER MTTR is the newest party concept to hit our streets, and they’ve pulled out all the stops for their launch: acclaimed Bala Club’s Endgame, Antwerp darling Hiele, globe-trotting Flora Yin-Wong, and Midlife’s doro are just some of the names on this exhaustive line-up. There will also be a Black Mirror-esque examination on 21st Century technology. Treat yo self.”

We only hit the streets 3 times, but boy did we hit them hard and good. Every event was focussed on these mission statements:

︎ Bringing a voice to the progressive music and art.
︎ Making a bridge between music and art
︎ Adressing social themes trough art and music
︎ Creating collaborations between multiple artists

The second edition was a bit of an outsider (actually, they all were). For this we worked together with the 2 art schools of Antwerp, to act as an official afterparty for the graduating masters of 2017 (including me). Every evening was accompagnied with a live visual show by me, showing both self made images as found footage from the outer corners of the web.

One night, we held a digital exhibition. Ayrton Eblé and me went over to artists Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx & Tom Volkaert to 3D-scan their works. We presented their works both seperately as together in a digital environment. As part of a virtual gallery, far of in the lonliest land of the world (the desert) and at places that could not exist.

All evenings were organised in Het Bos in Antwerp.


design & development Emiel Raeymaekers