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      • Short Film

Directed, edited & filmed by Tina Herbots & Emiel Raeymaekers

Written byJaguar Jaguar,Tina Herbots, Emiel Raeymaekers
Assistent Direction by Jasper Segers & Dries Meeus
Styling & Costume Design: Ruby Renteurs
Graphic Design by Emiel Raeymaekers
Sound Design by Jasper Segers & me
Trailer by Emiel Raeymaekers
All tracks are written, produced and performed by Jaguar Jaguar

A short film build around the second EP of Jaguar Jaguar. Mental barriers, being reborn, unattainable desire and absurdity play the biggest roles. The score of this film is a re-written version of the EP.

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Emiel Raeymaekers
Brand & Graphic Designer