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• 23/24

Print Design & Motion Design by Emiel Raeymaekers

Photography by Olgaç Bozalp

Editorial by Ilse Degryse

Marketing Management by Wim Van Bree

Production by Gwenn Nevelsteen

For Untitled Workers Club

Graphic Design seasonal brochure by Emiel Raeymaekers & Lodewijk Joye
Concept seasonal brochure by Ilse Degryse, Lodewijk Joye & Emiel Raeymaekers
General support by Marketing Devision OBV

The starting campaign of season 23/24, including the motion design, poster design, bannering, graphic elements for interior and the seasonal brochure.

This campaign was released troughout the streets of Flanders, mostly in the city of Antwerp and Ghent.


Oog in Oog — Eye to eye. This seasonal brochure looks back at you through it’s backcover, through the siginature eye of Olgaç Bozalp’s beautiful photography. The viewers look back at their own reflection in the mirroring plaque, signed by hand by the direction of the house.

When looking closely, the eye, the signature element of this design, emerges from beneath the foil, a hidden gem that reveals its presence only to those who truly seek it.

Movement is at the core of OBV, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (Flanders). Inspired by the multifaceted nature and fragmented logo of the cultural institution, we showcase the program through facetted glass, inviting viewers to peer through and experience the dynamism of the art forms presented within.

Emiel Raeymaekers
Brand & Graphic Designer