Post Corona Movement
Graphic Design / Branding

During the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people are asking the question: ‘in what kind of world do we want to wake up to after the lockdown?’

With the key words Dream, Do, Inspire, the Post-Corona Movement offers a forum to a very diverse audience.

Post Corona Movement is an independent, politically neutral think- and act-thank. It aims to give a forum to people with constructive dreams, projects and inspiration that arise or become pertinent in this crisis and connect them with like-minded people ready to act on these ideas. The aim is to make these visible, connect and strengthen them. This from the question:

"Where do we as a person and as a society want to go after this crisis?"

Check out the website of Post Corona Movement to learn more.

Design by me & Suzanne Dom
Illustration on banner of ‘De Connectie’ by Rombout Wachters