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Brand Design by Emiel Raeymaekers

Creative director Christophe Ghewy
Motion design by Dennis Deckx
Photography by Elliott Erwitt, Richard Kalvar, Magnum Photos
Strategy Gwenn Nevelsteen
For Untitled Workers Club

Brand Design, interview, explainer and communication setup for Rubey. 

Rubey is the first European organisation to connect Security Tokens to Artworks. By Tokenizing artworks on the Blockchain network they ‘devide’ an artwork into thousends of pieces. Hereby allowing both large and small investors to enter the high art market.

The collectively owned masterpiece is displayed in top museums, hereby making it visible to everyone in stead of disapearing in a private collection.

The textual Rubey logo is build with both serif and Non-serif parts, displaying the connection between the fysical and the digital. Combining the historical masterpieces with new technology.

The unique design of the wordmark incorporates both serif and sans-serif elements, reflecting the harmony between historical masterpieces and modern technology.

Emiel Raeymaekers
Brand & Graphic Designer